Adopting a pet is like bringing a new member of the family home.



Every little bit counts! Your generosity helps animals in need.



Being a volunteer is a privilege. Turn compassion into action.



animal-ambulanceANIMAL RESCUE

Call our ambulance or rescue services, to report sick or injured animals, or animals in distress

We have two ambulances that rescue sick homeless animals, animals injured in road accidents, or animals which have collapsed on the street, in need of help.

+919642229858 / +919966629858
Read this information before calling


Community-sponsored Veterinary Clinic: encouraging adoption of Indian shelter animals

Routine check-ups and vaccinations, general treatment and guidance, and birth Control Operations for Indian dogs and cats only.

We do not have diagnostic facilities. Private clinics & Narayanguda Super Specialty Government Hospital have diagnostics.

10.00AM to 1.00PM, Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Mondays and public holidays


Every year over 15,000 stray dogs are vaccinated against Rabies by Blue Cross.

Blue Cross sterilises around 600 street / community dogs and cats every month and vaccinates them against rabies. This effort is to reduce the number of breeding homeless stray animals on the streets of our city.

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animal-shel-terANIMAL SHELTER

Over 1,300 sick, injured, or old animals are housed.

Our 2-acre Shelter is a haven for sick, injured, abused, old, destitute, abandoned and completely helpless animals that find shelter here.

Office hours are 10am-1pm and 2.30-4.30pm
Shelter visits between 2.30pm and 4.30pm by appointment

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community-out-reachCOMMUNITY OUTREACH

Our education team conducts sessions and workshops on animal welfare to promote better understanding of the subject.

Awareness Talks & Workshops are conducted for Schools, Colleges, Communities and Government Offices on request. Email/Call our education officer for more information.
+919642229858 / +919966629858

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Blue Cross of Hyderabad is an Animal Welfare Organisation recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India


In 2015
Since 1992



was his name…

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Rescue Diaries

Read the story of Bravo,
our very own fighter,
who beat all odds.

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Blue cross organization helped me to rescue two new born puppies who were injured and without the parents. They reach within half an hour after I gave them the call and helped those puppies. I was very impressed with thier quick response . I am planning to join as a member soon… Keep up the good work God bless !
Nungnu Ama, via Facebook
I’m gonna be working here as a volunteer pretty soon. I hope to learn a thing or two or perhaps more than just that to take care of animals. In the long run, I hope to make a change being part of something so magnanimous as Blue Cross. God Bless these folks, who relentlessly work hard to change the society, with the effort to rescue animals and educate people about animal care and adoption.
Bhasu S Menon, via Facebook
YOU are the #real human beings and #real persons who have #concern for other #living organisms life…#Amala garu hats off to you madam…. YOU are giving protection for those organisms who #cant talk but only# conveys their love and emotions …#true at their #heart and #action….Its my honour Owe for YOU…which are natural medicine for our peaceful life
Vinni Virajitha, via Facebook
U guys a doing very good job.. keep going… loving what u do….
Sandy Should Rule, via Facebook
Been there today for the first time… seen the services provided to the animals and loved it. Happy staff! Very rare to see that!
Joe Joseph, via Facebook