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Completing 24 years

Helped over 4,10,000 animals

25th year of service

Reinventing the organisation

Between achievements people must reflect on evidence and reinvent goals.

When reviewing our failures we discovered we were out of sync with reality. We collected data and evidence carefully and found that what we were doing was equivalent to madness, insanity, unrealistic and failing animal welfare as a whole.

  • We reinvented our goals
  • We resurrected our mission
  • We restructured our services

Going forward we decided that we must remove all that is distorted, unsustainable, unrealistic from our services and protect the science of animal welfare from uninformed demands. We committed to bringing in integrity, animal welfare standards, financial sustainability and awareness into our work.

Our goal shifted to training and reducing stray animal population ensuring maximum impact for our 25th year.

What we do

The solution to stray dog issues: ABC/ARV

Human garbage attracts and breeds stray animals across India. Our stray dog issues cannot be resolved until communities take up garbage disposal very responsibly. The temporary solution of killing dogs does not help, because new dogs will appear, migrating to feed on the garbage available. These dogs could breed, bite and carry rabies into the community.

One breeding pair of stray dogs can give raise to 2,000 in their lifetime. Neutering and vaccinating them is a sensible and scientific solution.

Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccinations (ABC/ARV) for Stray Dogs is a programme supported by Animal Welfare Board of India through Government of India, Stray Dog Control Rules 2001.

The Rules dictates Civic bodies to conduct Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies (ABC/ARV) programs for controlling Rabies and stray animal population. Recommended by the World Health Organisation, this is an effective measure to reduce stray animal population and Rabies especially in countries where there is external garbage that feeds and breeds stray dogs.

It is unlawful to order or plan the removal of stray dogs from the streets. Please call your local GHMC office or the Dog Squad, and request ABC / ARV instead!

GHMC ABC Centres

How do I know if a dog is sterilised and vaccinated?

Simple. Look for the notched-ear.


You can help save 2000 dogs and cats from cruelty, disease, injury and suffering. Donate to facilitate animal birth-control and anti-rabies for one animal.

Together, let us safeguard our community and loved ones from the scourge of rabies.