Adopting a pet is like bringing a new member of the family home.

We have beautiful, healthy and clean Indian / Desi animals.

Dogs are known for giving us their unconditional loving, companionship and protection. Cats, affectionate and extremely clean by nature, also make excellent pets and can be perfect for people living in small apartments or high-rise buildings.

Kindly note that we do not breed or sell pedigree animals.

Why choose an Indian Puppy or Dog?

  • Intelligent and street smart.
  • Better suited to hot Indian climate and conditions.
  • Have short hair, and are easy to maintain.
  • Affectionate, alert and loyal by Nature.
  • Live longer when compared to large breeds.
  • Higher level of immunity to canine diseases.

NOTE: If you don’t want to adopt an Indian puppy or dog, and want a pedigree one, please do not call or visit the shelter for adoption. You may contact a commercial breeder instead. Most pet shops and breeders are not licensed nor do they follow scientific breeding regulations, so there is no guarantee that the puppy will not be very sick, or have genetic problems very soon.

Blue Cross of Hyderabad is looking for good homes for beagles retired from Medical Research

These dogs are between 3 and 7 years and are healthy and agile. They require loving pet-friendly homes with experienced animal-friendly families.

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Abandoning a pet

It is unkind and unlawful to abandon a pet. A pet is for life, through sickness and old age. According to GHMC regulations, abandoning a pet is an offence punishable by fine, and a ban on keeping pets .

Please do not ever consider abandoning your pet!

Is adoption right for you?

  • Can you afford a pet? Rs.1,000 for Sterilisation (once off), Rs. 500 for annual vaccinations, Rs.2,000 for Monthly food, plus chews, treats, etc.
  • Will you love your pet for life, when it is old and sick?
  • Will there be someone to look after it when you are at work, travel, etc.?
  • Is your house suitable for animals?
  • Are all your family members happy to adopt a pet?

If the answer to all is yes, please proceed to make an appointment to visit our shelter, and make a request for adoption.

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Adoption procedure

To adopt a pet you need to be 18 years of age, or have your parents with you when you visit our adoption centre. For puppies and kittens, we interview the caretaker. For adult dogs you need to be a mature experienced animal person, or the entire family must visit us for an interview.

At the shelter you will be asked to fill in your contact details in the register and proceed to adoption centre for selection of your puppy. For adult dogs, an interview is necessary after which you will be shown a few dogs ready for adoption to select from.

Choose from Indian puppies, kittens or cats, full-grown abandoned cross-breed pets, or adult Indian dogs with good guarding abilities.

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Responsible Pet Ownership

The Blue Cross Adoption centre gives everyone the chance to be a lifesaver.

If you’ve been thinking about adding an animal to your family – the adoption center at the Blue Cross of Hyderabad is the place to go.

N. G. Jayasimha
CEO, Humane Society of India (HSI)

With bright colours to decorate the place and sounds of little puppies playing with each other, this centre makes it the most happiest and cheerful place to be. The sincere effort of BCH and Pedigree (MARS) to find loving, permanent homes for these pups that could be abandoned, ignored and shunned, shows with the quality of the adoption centre.

If you wonder, why one should adopt a homeless Indian pup, you should know that breeders and pet stores usually do not give animals proper veterinary care or adequate food or exercise, and the animals receive little or no love and affection. Female dogs are generally bred twice a year and abandoned or sold when they are no longer able to produce puppies. Both the puppies and their mothers routinely suffer from malnutrition and exposure to the elements. Many have pneumonia, parvo, kennel cough, mange, ringworm and other diseases. Cats suffer in similar conditions. They are frequently shoved into lofts, kitchen cabinets or above the cooking range – wherever there is space. Every animal adopted means one animal less on the street, who suffer from abuse, starvation, disease, traffic accidents, or are captured for use in cruel laboratory experiments.

By making society aware about issues regarding commercial breeders and pet stores and providing them with accessible alternatives, Blue Cross of Hyderabad is contributing to a more humane way of life for our entire society. Your innovative and progressive contribution sets the gold standard for others to emulate.

So take the leap. Give these angels a life by adopting them. And what better place than the Puppy Adoption Centre run by Blue Cross and Pedigree to do so! If you’re sure that you are ready to make a lifelong commitment to a dog or a cat, please adopt an animal (or two so the animals always have companionship) and fill your life with eternal sunshine and happiness from your soul mates from the animal kingdom!

Be a lifesaver.

Adopt an Indian dog or cat from the Blue Cross of Hyderabad, and help keep hapless animals off the streets.