Blue Cross holds over 1300 animals that require care and protection.

Blue Cross animal shelter is neither a boarding kennel nor a puppy farm.

Our 2-acre Shelter is a haven for sick, injured, abused, old, destitute, abandoned and completely helpless animals that find shelter here. The animals staying here are recovering from road accidents, disease or could be maimed, aged and unable to return to the streets.

What you should know, before calling Blue Cross

An animal shelter is not a suitable place to bring a healthy animal, particularly dogs capable of surviving on their own. Sterilisation and vaccination is the best option for such community animals. The Stray Dog Control Rules 2001, allows them to live on the street, if sterilised and vaccinated against rabies. Contact your local GHMC unit for help.
Animals brought to the shelter need to be vaccinated before-hand if possible, to avoid catching disease. Shelters are like hospitals, where hundreds of sick animals come every month. No matter how careful we are, it is highly likely for animals to contract a disease.
When enquiring about an animal, please remember that over 1300 sick and injured, or old animals reside here, and dozens of new animals come in every day. Unless you have specific questions about the animal and have requested this, such information is not provided over telephone for practical reasons. For enquires, please call between 2.30pm and 3.30pm.
Shelter volunteers are always welcome, subject to volunteer training / orientation. See volunteer page for more information.
Cameras and photography are not permitted, since we do not wish to disturb injured animals. If you want a picture with a healthy animal, please make a special request at the office, and we will be happy to organise this.

Please respect our working hours

Visitors are requested to first register their presence at the office, state the reason for the visit and take permission to visit the animal areas. As this is an animal hospital many areas are restricted and out of bounds to visitors.

Call us for an appointment.