Blue Cross of Hyderabad extended help to over 25,000 animals in 2014.

Most of these animals passed through our shelter for surgery, recovery, vaccination or treatment.

All our services are sponsored and supported through donations from animal lovers. Caring people like yourself donate on special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, or in the memory of your dear ones to help our shelter animals.

Your donation, in cash or kind, helps Blue Cross run valuable animal welfare services.

Recurring Donations

Golden fund for animal welfare. Minimum Rs.500 each month. You can also donate any amount you would like to.
Sponsor food and treatment for one shelter animal. Donate Rs.6,000/Quarter, Rs.12,000/Half-year, or Rs.24,000/Year.
Support the Animal Rescue Service by donating Rs.1,000 each month.
Sponsor Sterilisation operations (ABC) and Anti-Rabies Vaccinations (ARV) of street dogs from your area. You can sponsor as many dogs as you’d like. Sponsorship cost for each dog is Rs.1,000/-.
Sponsor one vaccination camp at a slum area of the city, or Sponsor a health camp for working animals like tonga ponies, camels or bullocks. Sponsorship cost is Rs.50,000 each year.
Sponsor medicines, food and staff salaries at Blue Cross of Hyderabad. Sponsorship cost is Rs.1,00,000/- each year.


Amount ₹

Blue Cross of Hyderabad will NOT ask you to send identification documents such as your passport, cash, bank details, or work permits, either by phone or by email.


Once Off Birthday or Memorial Day Feeding of Blue Cross Shelter Animals. Donate Rs.1,000/ Rs.3,000 or Rs.5,000

How you can help

Please see the items listed below, which you can donate, towards helping us help animals.


  • Old cotton clothes (Bedding for injured animals)
  • Old newspapers (carpet base for cats and dogs)
  • Carton boxes (to rescue kittens & puppies)
  • Gunny bags (for whelping mothers/pups to sleep)
  • Thick washable bath towels/mats for dogs to sleep

Note: Please do not donate any mattresses. They get easily infected with fleas and ticks and becomes unusable.

Cooking Material

  • Broken rice (our requirement is 100kgs per day)
  • Moong dal, Turmeric
  • Soya milk / Milk (we require 25ltrs per day)
  • Cooking gas (we require two cylinders per week)
  • Carrot, Palak, Bananas, Javari, Bajra: Feed for Birds, Rabbits and Monkeys

Note: All permanent healthy shelter animals and dogs in for sterilisation are fed cooked food


  • Pedigree for adult dogs: We use 3 bags per day
  • Puppy pedigree: 1 bag per day
  • Cat food (Wiskas): 20kgs bag, or Rs. 10,000 per month

Note: Commercial pet food is favoured for rescued animals, because they are often starved and weak, and need optimum nutrition. Cooked food deteriorates within an hour of cooking, and causes diarrhea and intestinal infections, due to deterioration in the heat, especially in sick animals, puppies and kittens.

For Cattle, Equines & Camels

  • Large Animal Feeding: Kutti Bussa – Rs. 23,000 per month
  • Green Grass – Rs. 25,000 per month


  • Rs.1 Lakh per month (for all animals & birds at shelter)

Rescue & Vehicles

  • Cost to run each rescue vehicle: Rs. 45,000 (fuel & maintenance)