It began in 1992, with members rescuing animals and housing them in foster care.

Film Actors Nagarjuna and Amala Akkineni, along with like-minded animal-friendly individuals and groups, founded Blue Cross of Hyderabad.

They were given a small room at Shanthi Nagar Govt. Veterinary Hospital, where the city’s first animal ambulance rescue service started, with an ambulance donated by Nagarjuna. In a few years the organization grew and expanded to a 2 acre animal shelter on Road #35, Jubilee Hills, built on land donated by the then United Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1995.

Dr.Chinny Krishna, Blue Cross of India, played a key role to guide and train the members during the formatting years. Smt. Maneka Gandhi and Animal Welfare Board of India also played a great role of support through financial aid and mentoring.

Founding Members

  • Dr. Lakshmi & Dr. Ramana, Animal Care Clinic
  • Vasanthi and Krishna Vadi, People for Animals
  • Indira Venkatachalam & Dr.Vijaya Kumari (AH Dept., Govt.of A.P.)
  • Jayashree Parasathy, Advocate
  • Late Smt. Annapurna Akkineni
  • Mr.Ram Prasad
  • Mr. Ramesh Chalasani

You can join the animal welfare movement and help animals too! Take an appointment, and visit the shelter for a guided tour.

The Blue Cross of Hyderabad is a Non-Profit Registered Society.

The Blue Cross is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, and has been working for the welfare of animals since 1992. The Office Bearers are volunteers and do not get any honorarium. Office Bearers and Governing Committee meet every month to oversee the workings of the organization. Please use the contact form, if you wish to communicate any Grievances, so they may be dealt with suitably.


Amala Akkineni

Parveen Lyngdoh

Manpreeth Singh Nishter

Vasanthi Vadi

Aparna Rao

N. S. K. Kumari


The Blue Cross of Hyderabad employs professional staff to conduct animal welfare services.

Our staff consists of Veterinary Doctors, Surgeons, Para Veterinary Assistants, Education Officer, Shelter Director, Accountant, Supervisor & Rescue Co-ordinator, Rescue Drivers cum para Vets, Animal Handlers/Care-Givers. They are overseen & guided by the Shelter Director. Meetings and trainings are conducted between 1.30pm and 2.30pm everyday.


Animal Ambulance & Rescue Service

Blue Cross of Hyderabad was the first organisation to start a full-fledged animal rescue service for sick, injured and abused animals from the streets of Hyderabad. We have helped over 4,00,000 animals on record upto 2014. Every month an average of 1000-1500 animals of different species are rescued from road accidents, injuries, fire accidents, electrocutions, poisoning, with gun shot wounds, or infectious diseases. Stray dogs and cats are sterilised and vaccinated, puppies and kittens are given up for adoption, cattle are given veterinary care and sent to organic farms, while city wildlife are treated and released back in to the wild.

Animal transport regulations

Blue Cross of Hyderabad was instrumental in motivating A.P. Transport department to re-write the rules for transportation of animals, and to include humane measures in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Wildlife protection

Blue Cross of Hyderabad was instrumental along with People for Animals and other groups, in shutting down illegal wildlife markets in Hyderabad, and rescuing performing bears.

ABC & ARV Programme

 Blue Cross has been instrumental, along with the efforts of Animal Welfare Board of India and Smt. Maneka Gandhi, in making the nation shift from killing street dogs to sterilising and vaccinating them as community dogs. Mrs. Racheal Chatterji, the then Municipal Commissioner, gave Blue Cross the responsibility of administering Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV) and performing Animal Birth Control (ABC) of street dogs, instead of killing them.

BCH was instrumental for GHMC to rewrite Municipal Laws, to include the sterilisation and vaccination of community dogs as civic responsibility. BCH has since sterilised over 70,000 homeless/community dogs and vaccinated over 1,00,000 against Rabies. However, due to repeated dog killings as knee jerk reactions to rabid dog bite incidents, the city has yet to achieve good results.

BCH provides orientation for GHMC Veterinarians regarding AWBI SOP for ABC/ARV and has trained 100 GHMC dogcatchers in using nets to catch dogs. It conducts regular training sessions with GHMC staff for the running of ABC post operative care units.

Training & capacity building

BCH has hosted and organised regular capacity building workshops for over 30 animal welfare groups working in A.P., under the auspices of AWBI.

Animal Welfare as a subject

 Along with the AWBI, Blue Cross of Hyderabad has been part of initiating Animal Welfare as a subject for Veterinary Council of Andhra Pradesh, Veterinary Colleges, A.P. Transport Department Inspectors,A.P. Police Academy, and MCRI for Human Resources. Blue Cross is a resource to provide support for such education and training.

Lab Animals

Blue Cross of Hyderabad was part of a nationwide animal welfare movement to implement the CPCSEA rules in animal testing laboratories. BCH was also instrumental in having biology dissection removed from school syllabus in A.P., by organising several interactions with educational institutions and teaching faculty.

Education & Awareness

Blue Cross of Hyderabad has given animal welfare talks over the last 20 years for students at educational institutions. On an average, our education team reaches out to motivate and educate over 14,000 students every year, helping them understand and support the welfare of animals.

You can be part of this!

All the above were relentless and tireless efforts of a group of people who love and respect animals, and believe they deserve a better life. You can be a part of Blue Cross of Hyderabad too!

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