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The Blue Cross of Hyderabad is a Non-Profit Registered Society.

The Blue Cross is recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India, and has been working for the welfare of animals since 1992. The Office Bearers are volunteers and do not get any honorarium. Office Bearers and Governing Committee meet every month to oversee the working of the organisation. Please use the contact form, if you wish to communicate any Grievances, so they may be dealt with suitably.

Governing Members

Amala Akkineni
Amala AkkineniFounder & Chairperson
Vasanthi Vadi
Vasanthi VadiHonorary President
Heera Rupani
Heera RupaniHonorary Secretary
Manpreeth Singh Nishter
Manpreeth Singh NishterHonorary Joint Secretary
Aparna Rao
Aparna RaoHonorary Treasurer