At Blue Cross of Hyderabad, we have been blessed to witness and come across several stories every day that are woven in threads of selfless love and bonding.

Yes, love here has a totally new dimension. A dimension that cannot be defined as one that arises out of any return of expectation but out of an immensely beautiful chance that life bestows upon us. A feeling that can be described as simple and as enchanting as ‘love at first sight.’

Sushovan and Richa with Whiskey

The month of February, being the official month for expressing love in all its forms across the world, gives us splendid reasons to celebrate our Valentine’s month with wonderful families that have been delightfully struck by our little cupids with wagging tails, wet noses and hopeful eyes of love.

7 months ago, on a weekend afternoon, Richa walked into our shelter with her husband, Shovan with minimal expectations and they were surprised to find themselves walking back home with a lifetime of bonding and uncompromising love.

That afternoon, a ‘just’ an adorable pup in our adoption centre hardly took some time to find his connection with Shovan and in a jiffy, they exchanged their hearts forever and the little one had found his very own family of love.

This little guy was soon appropriately named Whiskey owing to his energy, enthusiasm and the spirits that he has been capable of uplifting over the past seven months now. Whiskey has grown up to be not only adorable but also a very handsome fellow and he has all the reasons after being bestowed with infinite love and pamper from his wonderful parents.

Richa describes Whiskey with unending smiles, as being over friendly, smart and a very possessive mamma’s boy and his father’s favourite. Not only is his energy level unmatched but his passionate love for rolling over the lush green grass and the craziness that he exhibits on the sight of an egg at the breakfast table is simply time for some real merriment. Everyone who has met Whiskey has had a story of their own that is too close to their hearts.

It’s true when they say that love cannot be bought, but true love happens to you by chance and yes, certainly in some of the most beautiful ways.