Community Outreach

Spreading the message of animal welfare

Our education team conducts sessions and workshops on animal welfare to promote better understanding of the subject. Awareness Talks & Workshops are conducted for Schools, Colleges, Communities and Government Offices on request.

Understanding Animals is a talk specially designed for school students!

This interesting two part presentation explains the amazing role of animals in nature, helps students understand animal behaviour, how to respond to animals around us and helps reduce common phobias towards animals. Simple ways of how children can help animals are also covered during the presentations.

Pravallika, our Education officer, has been widely appreciated for her efforts and the presentation itself is very popular, reaching over 20,000 students every year. Send her an email, or contact her over phone, to organise such a talk at your college, office or community.

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Training workshop topics include

Speaking for Animals

Writing for Animals

First Aid for Street Animals

Rescuing Birds

Understanding Snakes

Starting ABC for strays

Community Animal Caretaker

Become a campaigner

Animal Laws for IAS & Police

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